P6A Learning Log

Euros🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: We did a bit of research on football role models, like Andy Robertson and Kenny Dalglish, then had a discussion about what makes a good role model, and why footballers are considered to be inspirational. We also continued doing our research on our sweepstake countries, where we have to create a Book Creator about the country then then the football team. On Monday we got to watch the Scotland- Czech Republic game with hotdogs, although the result wasn’t the best!

STEM📙: We were making following instructions to build our own wind turbines. It was very fiddly and not all of them worked but we learned a lot from it😬 

Playground games🏫: Ahead of becoming responsible P7s, we did our buddy training with specialists who came to visit the playground. It was really fun we also learned lots of new games like jump the river and elephant football. We can’t wait to teach the new P1s some fun games! We then wrote letters to our new buddies to introduce ourselves, and told them how excited we are to meet them after the summer. We had to include our photos because Covid rules mean they can’t come and see us.

Titanic quiz🛳: On Friday, we did a big quiz to show how much we have learned throughout our focus on the Titanic. Earlier in the week we all created a question and Ms Mitchell turned them into a Kahoot. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it 

Here is our blog, including some predictions for tonight’s big game!

P6A Learning Log

Through the weeks we have been doing lots of work on the Titanic, and last Thursday we did a redraft on our Titanic letters and wrote them on paper. After we did that we ripped little parts of the paper and dabbed wet tea bags to the paper to make it seem like it was old. This was really fun! 

Still on the Titanic topic, we did an experiment on the rivets of the ship. We got some clay and two types of pasta, linguine and spaghetti. Each table had the exact amount of clay and pasta but just the pastas were different! So what we did with the pasta was chop it up into small pieces and mixed it with the clay, we then left them to dry. After they hardened, we got a bucket and tied it with string. We got one of each of the clay rolls one by one we held the roll underneath the string and added weights to the bucket. The spaghetti held 210g and the linguine held 170g. This represented the rivets by the clay as the iron, and the pasta as the things mixed in.  

In numeracy,we started to learn about algebra. Everyone was worried it was going to be hard but it wasn’t that bad! It was stuff like: x + 3 =5, so we know x=2. So really we had been doing lots of this kind of work in textbooks but it would just be what the missing number. 

Here is this week’s vlog:

P6A Learning Log – week beginning 24.06.21

Last week was a busy one for P6A!

In numeracy, we are learning how to balance equations, which is us starting our work on algebra. We learned that whatever is on each side of the equal sign needs to be the same. In maths, we have been learning about line graphs. This week, we did a textbook page where we read different graphs and then drew our own.

This week was a Titanic-tastic week! We made our own menus for the characters we made last week to go on the Titanic; it was very fun to do! We used our iPads to research what they would have eaten on the Titanic, but it depended on what class you were. Third class might not have the best food (compared to first class), second class, not the best but so much better than third (second class was equivalent to first class on any other ship at the time). Then first class had the best food; everyone thought it was magical! We also wrote letters as if we were our characters, writing them to friends or family about our time on board the Titanic.

In Italian, we have been learning the vocabulary for different members of our family, and then we played on Linguascope which is a fun app that teaches you languages.

Last week, we used a 3D model to learn about all the organs of the body, and in groups we were assigned an organ to research and make a Book Creator about. This week we presented our research to the class so we could all learn from each other.

P6A Learning Log

We started off the week learning a bit about the Titanic. We completed a Titanic cross-section and learned about all the rooms and how it was built. It took three years to build and a lot of workers, but the end result was amazing! They called it the unsinkable ship; a bit ironic, I know.

On Wednesday, we learned about the life of a worker building the Titanic in Belfast. It was very hard for them, and not much money in return. Then, after researching about this, we wrote diary entries as if we were a dock worker. We thought of their name, age and job and added every detail of their day.

On Thursday, we talked about buoyancy and made our own boats out of tin foil. We put them in a bucket of water and placed pennies on them, to see how many pennies it would take to make them sink. We had a couple of goes at building boats and added our scores up, and the winners got a prize.

In numeracy, we have started learning about function machines. This is where you imagine a machine that has a function like ‘add five’ or ‘take away seven’, things like that. Then you put your input in, do the function, and get an output.

In RE, we learned about the children of Fatima. They saw Mary, and she kept coming back to the same place in Portugal. Gradually the crowd got bigger and bigger until almost everyone knew about it. Some believed them, some not. Because of that, the children got kidnapped and didn’t get to see Mary again.

Finally, in PE we have been doing athletics, and been practising our sprinting. We also played team tig and played a big game of football rounders. It’s basically the same as normal rounders but instead of batting the ball we kick it. It ended up in a draw! After the game we picked our person of the match and they got a prize.

By Ava