P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 12.11.18

This week in PE we played football on the Astroturf. Everyone was cheering each other on and everyone was having fun. We also did more meditation which was relaxing, quiet and calm. Most people enjoyed it and some people fell asleep!

We learnt about the Beatitudes and up our own, one for each class. P5a’s was “blessed are those who love and care for people on the street, for they will be loved and cared for by God”, and P5b’s was “blessed are those who are positive in attitude, for they will be shown positivity and kindness in return”.

We also learnt about Anti-Bullying week. We did a picture of a good friend hand where we wrote what mades a good friend.

We learnt about how medieval houses were made, with wattle and daub. Everyone laughed because the daub was made of manure! We also wrote a diary entry as if we were medieval peasants, which we enjoyed.

By Thomas, Sophia and Lewis

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P5 Learning Log Week Beginning 05.11.18

This week we have been working on Book Creator. It is an app where you can make comics and books. We wrote books about our hobbies, for example some people wrote about gymnastics and some wrote about games like Roblox or Fortnite. In PE we did some mindfulness meditation. We did some stretches then lay down peacefully. Our teachers played a guided meditation to us. It was very relaxing.

We are looking forward to learning more about our topic which is the Scottish Wars of Independence, where Scotland fought England. This week we learnt about the feudal system and Scotland’s Royal Burghs.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our week!

By Amelia and Ibrahim

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Eco Meeting – Wednesday 7th November

  • Register: Absent/apologies: Oceane, John, Daniel, Murray
  • Welcome – Mr Burgess welcomed the reps and explained that he has collected all the evidence from last year and sent it to Keep Scotland Beautiful to apply for a new Eco Flag. We expect that we will hear back from them soon and hopefully we will have a nice new flag to fly on our new flagpole next to the Astro pitch. Mr Burgess explained that he is going to focus on other things this year, and that Ms Mitchell will be helping to organise the eco committee. He thanked everyone for their work so far and told the reps that he is excited to see their work this year.
  • Aims of the Group – We looked at the Ten Topics that we can explore this year in our Eco meetings. Ms Mitchell introduced the Environmental Review – a document which will help us to choose what topic we will focus on this year. Reps will help Ms Mitchell to complete this over the coming weeks.
  • Ideas from the reps – Some reps shared some ideas that they already have for making the school more eco-friendly. Ellen highlighted that litter can be an issues, and Gabriella and Hannah suggested a litter picking group. This is something we will think about and discuss next meeting. Gabriella asked if reps could have badges so that everyone knows they are the reps, Ms Mitchell explained that she will have them ready for next meeting.
  • Work for next meeting – Ms Mitchell gave out some examples of Eco-Codes, reps can use these as inspiration to design their own. We will review them next meeting and decide on one to be displayed around the school.
  • Some reps needed to leave early, but photographs were taken of the remaining reps to go on the Eco board. Ms Mitchell will take photos of the other reps at a later date.

Next meeting will be in early December 2018

P5a Learning Log Week Beginning 29.10.18




This week we have been doing mindfulness, including doing some mindfulness colouring to learn to be calm and relaxed. We really liked how we could stop everything and do something else.

We have been learning about similes and this week we wrote Halloween poems using five different similes about Halloween. It was really fun because we could be creative and make funny similes, like ‘scary pumpkins as orange as Donald Trump’s face’.

In RE we have been learning about All Saints’ Day, and we wrote about someone who is a saint to us in our lives. Then we went to mass at St Mary Magdalene’s to celebrate All Saints’ Day on Thursday.

By Beniamin and Oli

Learning About Renewable Energy

On Friday, Lewis from P5b’s uncle Stuart came to visit us to talk about his work. He is an engineer who works for a company which builds offshore wind farms in the sea. We were excited to hear about his job because we have been learning about renewable energy in class and how important it is to save energy.

We were interested to find out that Stuart spends 3 months each year living on a boat in the sea helping to build the wind turbines. The wind farms that his company builds are huge and can power 250 000 homes which is more than we expected! He brought in a tool which he uses to pull the cables into place in the turbines, and demonstrated how it works.

They use robots to go underwater to build or fix the turbines instead of using divers because it is safer. We thought the robots were really cool!

By Leandro and Gabriella