P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 04.03.19

This has been a very busy snapshot jotter week!

In maths we were learning about budgeting and how to compare prices. It was hard and fun at the same time. We have learnt how to plan and shop on a budget.

On Tuesday it was Pancake Tuesday so we made pancakes in our classrooms. It was hard because it was some people’s first time making pancakes but they were delicious. On the same day, we wrote a recipe for how to make pancakes.

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It was also Fairtrade fortnight, so we watching videos and then answered questions, pretending we were Fairtrade farmers.

On Wednesday we went to mass at St Mary Magdalene’s because it was Ash Wednesday. The priest put ash on our foreheads in the sign of the cross.

It was World Book Day on Thursday. We all came to school in our pyjamas (even the teachers!) and brought in our favourite books. We made a book creator in pairs to compare our favourite books and then had a drama lesson at the end of the day to act out a scene of dialogue.

By Matthew and Ria

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Earth Hour Poster Competition

A massive congratulations to Oona from P4b, who was one of only four winners (out of over 300!) of WWF Scotland’s Earth Hour competition. Her winning design shows the impact of plastic pollution on our planet’s wildlife, and is such an eye-catching design with a clear message. She attended the photoshoot last Friday and got to meet the WWF’s panda mascot. Look out for her poster appearing on bus stops and on-board Lothian buses throughout March, and hopefully you will all join in with Earth Hour on the 30th March.

A massive congratulations again to Oona, you’ve done yourself and St John’s proud!!

Outdoor Education Group Visits Holyrood Park

We went to Holyrood Park on a bus.

We walked into the park and we met the ranger, he was called Gordon and then we walked up the hills in the rain!

We learnt that a part of Arthur’s Seat used to be a beach and there was a bit that was slanted which lava went down, but that was a long time ago.

The volcano last erupted hundreds of millions of years ago.

It used to be covered by a glacier which was much higher than Scotland’s biggest mountain.

When the volcano explodes, the lava can turn into rock, and we got to have a look at some lava rocks.

By Lexi and Ella

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 25.02.19

This week have learnt about food in French, and how to spell them in French. We also did a quiz to check our learning using Plicker cards (we all have our own QR code that we hold up to answer questions. Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair can scan the room with a device, and it tells us instantly who got things correct or incorrect).

Also, we learnt about dialogue, and how to use speech marks in our stories. We wrote an imaginative ending to a story that had a lot of dialogue in the middle.

We did some science experiments with mirrors and water to find out more about reflection and refraction of light, and played a game using Plicker cards.

In PE we were playing a game with playing cards and decided exercises for all the types of cards, we ran to the deck of cards and did the exercises on that card.

By Vi and Dylan

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 18.02.19

On Monday we did some American football  You should check out the pictures below – there are a lot of photos of our amazing catches. Our coach was Tom from Active Schools, he came to the school to teach us some moves.

On Tuesday we learned about how our eyes see light. An ancient Greek said we had a light in our heads but scientists said that that would make our heads shine like car headlights, so they discovered that light actually reflects off objects and goes into our eyes.

On Wednesday we had PE in the morning and then we did some imaginative writing about finding something. We made criteria for it and set out a plan and an opening paragraph.

On Thursday we had a calm morning writing our stories and think we did a great job. In the afternoon we had PE. We played a card game where we did different exercises depending on what card we picked, and if we got a joker it was 30 seconds of plank!

By Michael B and Catriona

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