Eco Meeting 28.01.19

  • Register: Absent/apologies: None
  • Eco Code: Ms Mitchell showed the group the eco codes that have been handed in so far. A few people still have one to hand in so we will decide on one to be our main eco code next time.
  • Earth Hour 2019: The group discussed our promises for Earth Hour 2019, based around plastic pollution, wildlife, climate change or food system. There is a competition to design a poster to go in bus shelters before Earth Hour which closes at the end of the week. The reps all got a copy of the criteria, and anyone wishing to enter must hand their entry in as soon as possible.
  • Eco Initiatives for the School: We looked at a letter we received from a company called ‘Eco-Ties’ who make school ties out of recycled plastic. We are not sure how much the ties will cost but have decided we will contact the company and get a quote. Hannah and Gabriella also talked about an initiative encouraging schools to recycle batteries, which the school is going to get involved in.
  • Badges: The group asked about having Eco Group badges. Gabriella suggested they make their own, and the group voted to do that rather than have Ms Mitchell make them. We will do this during the next meeting.
  • Ideas from the reps: Some reps shared some ideas for fundraising and raising awareness. We thought about organising green nose day and having a dance off, we will have a think about these ideas and discuss during the next meeting.
  • Environmental Review: Ms Mitchell handed the reps in each class a section of the environmental review to complete before the next meeting. They will need to look around the school and might need to speak to staff and pupils to find out information. This will help us to write our action plan for the next couple of years.
  • Photographs were taken of the reps to go on the Eco board, which will be created downstairs opposite the GP room to display our work and eco code.

Next meeting will be on 19th February 2019.

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 21.01.19

The highlight of our week was Thursday, when we went on a trip to Dynamic Earth. The bus was late so we missed our workshop, but it was still an amazing trip because we got to do the tour instead. We went to the showdome and watched a show called ‘Super Volcanoes’.

In ukulele we played the song ‘500 Miles’. We sounded good but it was sad because that was our last week of ukulele.

To finish our topic on the Scottish Wars of Independence we created a timeline of all the events that happened during the wars.

It is Rabbie Burns Day on Friday, so we have been learning about lots to do with Scottish culture. We learnt about the art of Steven Brown and tried to make some pictures of our own, it was fun. We also learnt some Scots language, and sang the song ‘Call It Alba’ in assembly. On Friday we had a Burns supper with homemade shortbread in the dining hall – some people got to try haggis for the first time and we all enjoyed it! Sam then played Auld Lang Syne to us – well done Sam!

By Louise, Maria and Laia

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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 14.01.19

Welcome to our first blog of 2019!

We have been learning about Scottish myths and legends, like the Loch Ness monster, kelpies and the blue men of Minch. After learning about them we made up our own mythical creature.

In maths we were revising our times tables by playing games like ‘Around the World’ and testing each other on our times tables.

We wrote a fact file on Robert the Bruce, where we wrote about his life; when he was born, what happened to him and the battles he was in. We then made a Book Creator e-book about the Battle of Bannockburn in partners, and showed them to the rest of the class on the Apple TV.

We all listened to the story of Jesus healing a blind man. We sequenced the story by matching pictures to sentences and gluing them into our RE jotters.

At ukulele we revised all the chords then learnt to play a song called ‘500 Miles’. It was so fun!

By Lauren and Cameron

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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 10.12.18

This week we have been doing lots of Christmas things. Our favourite thing that we did was creating a winter scene with oil pastels and paints. It was really fun. We also made placements that we can use for our Christmas party on Tuesday, and we had a nice Christmas lunch.

On Wednesday we watched the P1 Nativity – it was really good. After that we talked about the Nativity story, then got into partners and made a Book Creator e-book to tell the story.

We played football in PE and everybody liked it. It was fun. Every week there are new teams and new people to play with. One week though the Brighton house were having their house treat so the teams were smaller, but this week we had full teams.

We also learnt a Highland Hustle dance for our Christmas party. It was really tiring but enjoyable. We did it to the song ‘Timber’.

By Sophie, Noel and Filip


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