St John’s RC Primary School Parent Council


Minutes from AGM Meeting 25th October 2018

  1. Welcome, introduction and apologies

Present; Jacqueline Kelly – Head teacher, Mark Burgess – acting deputy head, Jo Worrall – Chair, Colin Wood – Treasurer, Sharon McLeay – Fundraising, Funding – Blathnaid Quinn, Secretary -Deirdre Henderson, Laura Birdsell – P2 Teacher, Mary Campbell – Local Councillor, 9 parents

Apologises: Mary Campbell, Kate Lemon, Donna Cochrane, Lindsay Murray, Laura McIntyre

Action Points;

  1. Minutes from last meeting approved
  2. AGM the following are the parent council positions nominated/volunteered and agreed:

Chair – Jo Worrall , Second chair – Jennifer

Treasurer – Colin Wood

Fundraising – Sharon McLeay and to help her Kate Lennon & Nicola (until Christmas)

Funding – Blathnaid Quinn

Secretary – Deirdre Henderson

  1. New Year New Dynamics; discussed what parent support is needed. There are 3 PVG’s in process and 3 more are required, volunteers are required to help at break times.

From November the Park is available for school usage, this will require help to manage the children, Jackie

Dogs in the new park – to be confirmed if the park will be a dog free one, Mary to follow up with council

Signage required for no dogs at school entrance – Jackie

  1. The Cost of the School Day – Jackie distributed handouts with this information, any feedback or comments from parents to e-mail Jo to give to Jackie

Support for learning week – discussed it will be a character dress up, parents offered to give old Halloween costumes to the school or a charity such as pre-Loved Clothes or Kids Love Clothes

Children in Need – this year will be more about the awareness of the charity rather than asking for money from families. Dress up in spots Day will still go ahead.

  1. Building Update/ Playground – discussed a few issues including changing room toilet locks are getting changed, concern with nursery automatic door not closing quick enough, heavy doors into school hall. Jackie


  1. Fundraising Update from Sharon. Events for the remaining year:

Halloween Disco – tickets sold out, great response from parent volunteering to help which is very much appreciated. Some negative feedback from some parents with regards the on-line sale off the tickets charging a fee to purchase the tickets. Thankfully the school for future on line ticket sales, can sell tickets independently on the website to avoid any fee charges.

Christmas Family Event – carol singing, hot chocolate, kids crafts, want people to bring donations for the food bank rathe than paying at the door, Sharon & Nicola

Next year; discussed new idea such as night or an afternoon at Jump In. Christmas Calendar 2019 – get sponsorship from businesses to buy a month or a year sponsorship on the calendar, similar to Tower Bank School’s one, could be a good source of income for the council.

The Summer Fair and Movie Night will take place again in 2019.

  1. Funding – Colin gave an update including the Income and Expenditure Account for the financial and academic year 2017-2018, if anyone has any questions to contact Colin.

Gardening Project – Tana had given a detailed proposal for the project for the academic year, it was discussed and agreed the council would pay for the project to go ahead but we will request funding for some of the proposed works.

  1. Parking – Hamilton Drive continue to have issues with cars dropping off and picking up. Signage is required along with railings outside the nursery and at the entrance of the teacher’s car park, Jackie

Mary informed the council the police are in rotation at each school but should have a presence once a week at the school.

Parking tickets designed and distributed by the kids – Jackie

Travel Tracker chart in the school, proposed to get this started again with the pupils Mark

Concern was raised for busy traffic including motorist, school children and adults at the junction for Mountcastle Drive and Duddingston Road. Concern is the length of time for the green man is not long enough. Perhaps another Lolly pop person is required, Mary

  1. School Library – Sharon’s update included the valuable information and knowledge passed onto the PC from Duddingston Primary School including the application process and the software used for the library.

Pupil Council will get the opportunity to spend £1000 on books in Waterson’s. They will be purchasing books based on their research from pupil and parents feedback on preferred authors and types of literature.

Software required for the library will be funded by the council.

Volunteers will be required for labelling books, etc for the new library.

  1. Projects – discussed the gardening project as above under funding.

Go Cart – currently in the process of ordering it, Mark will keep the council updated

  1. AOB

Bullying – school wishes to tackle this in a new way, Jackie spoke about a company called ….they do assembles with children, work shop activities with kids and parents,  they tailor kids needs. Jackie

Proposal from the nursery for funding for a mud kitchen, the information provided to be reviewed and approved.

An Edinburgh based author called Coo Clayton author for children’s book Maggie’s Mittens can spend a day with the children for £250, approved request for funding from the council, Jo

Lego Club – proposed for lunch times for children who may be interested but run by parents/volunteers will be required, Mark is happy to support the club

Christmas Cards – Caroline handed over this project to Laura McIntyre.



Parent Council AGM Agenda

Agenda & AGM Thursday 25 October 2018 6.45pm

Venue – New school Staff Room

1. Welcome – Introductions/apologies Chair Person

2. Approval of last meetings minutes Chair Person

3. AGM –

4. New Year NewDynamics what parent support is needed Chair / Jackie

5. Building Update/ Playground Jackie

6. Fundraising Update including proposed events for year Sharon Mcleay

7. Treasurer’s Report Colin Wood

8. School PC Funds for 2018/19 Colin Wood

9. Parking Police/Jackie/Jo

10. School Library Blathnaid/Sharon

11. Projects gardeding/go cart etc Jo/Sharon

12. AOB – Question from parent regarding parents evening timings

Parent Council Meeting minutes August 2018

St John’s RC Primary School Parent Council

Minutes from Meeting 30th August 2018

1. Welcome, introduction and apologies

Present; Jo Worrall – Chair, Colin Wood – Treasurer, Barbara Service – Head teacher, Jackie Kelly- Deputy Head, 1 Teacher, 23 parents

Apologises: Mary Campbell

Action Points;

1.Minutes from last meeting approved

2. New Year New Dynamics; discussed what parent support is needed.

Child care during parent/teacher meeting – discussed possibility of Oscar’s school club to help out, Sharon to enquiry if this would be possible. Any parent whom wishes to get involved will require to be to be PVG

Barbara & Jackie requested any parent wishing to help out in specialised areas such as art work, drama, reading or any new/interesting activities for kids, to get in touch with the school. The new school has the facilities to offer/allow this to happen.

3. Building Update/Playground

Opening off the school was a great success, children, teachers and parents are embracing the new school. There were teething problems such as phones and technology on the first week and minor works are continuing throughout the school after hours.

Concern was raised from parents with the lack of play space for the children. It was proposed to contact the council in support with the school to request sole access during school hours to the school pupils. This would be the park space directly behind the school.Barbara/Jo will discuss in more detail with Mary Campbell, she has offered support on this matter.

Barbara highlighted some of the continuing works to the school include smaller play areas to the front and side of the school. There are decisions to be made on designs of these spaces. Barbara to keep the council updated on this matter.

Library not open yet and books are still required Barbara

4.Fundraising Update Including proposed events for the year from Sharon McLeay

Porty Village Fair – 2nd of September, parent’s council will have a stall selling the remaining merchandise and a slime stall, volunteers required.

Halloween Disco – date set for the 28th of October 2018, volunteers will be required to help out for the event.

Christmas Event – council would like to hold an event, details to follow

Movie Night – will be held again in 2019

Ceilidh Night – Barbara shared information on a band who would be available for September time. It was suggested to sell family tickets for the event, duration 2-2.5 hours and to provide refreshments. Barbara/PC to discuss further

5. Treasurer’s Report Colin Wood

Colin provided an update on recent grant applications and treasurers report, see attached word documents for updates.

CW requested an email or written confirmation of any funding required by the school for the next school year. AP- BS/JK to confirm

6. School PC Funds for 2018/19 Colin Wood

See attached report by Colin

7. Parking

Police Officer attended the meeting to give advice and listen to parents concerns. Parking an ongoing issue but problems raised:

– Hamilton Drive residents experiencing major problem with cars driving on road for drop offs during the times the amber lights are flashing. Parents have witnessed cars parking inappropriately and acting dangerously. They requested police presence to help resolve the problems. Officer suggested to request from the council extra signage on both sides of the street & for outside the school.

– Linage for the current and extra bike lanes requested. Officer suggested to request council to put extra street linage to be added outside the school

– The officer suggested the school to run a competition with the children to design a parking tickets to place on the cars outside the school. He offered to come to speak with the children, Barbara

– Drop & Hug lane idea was suggested to be introduced for drops off by the parents

8. School Coms

9. Projects

Gardening club to continue through the year and it was discussed the funding would continue from the council. AP – JW & SMcL to meet with Tana to seek costs for 2018/19. These will be reviewed at the next PC.

Mr Burgess Go-kart initiative by Mr Burgess was approved for the basic goblin go-kart to be purchased. He will carry this out over lunch time

10. Healthy Snack Leaflet was distributed around the meeting for parents’ comments. It is proposed to place leaflet into children’s school bags to bring home, Jo

11. A parents Topic Event – Jo suggest an informative event for parents such as; how to protect children on line, to be held in the school Jo

12. Communication from School; it was highlighted not all parents were getting communication via e-mails, a letter will be sent to parents regarding this Jackie

Barbara shared her Retirement News at the council meeting, she is due to leave her post in September.

Next meeting date will be posted on face book for the AGM

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