P5A Health Week Learning Review

Weekly diary

This week was health week and we played lots of sports such as Netball, hockey, cricket and golf which was very fun because we had very nice teachers and they were very helpful because some of us hadn’t even played these sports and they helped us if we were stuck. What I liked about health week was netball because every player had a role and a responsibility in some sports you can be standing about doing nothing and letting other people do the hard work but Sharon made sure that we were all doing something.

On Wednesday we went to Calvary Park to play Cricket in the morning, we all got to play as part of a country which were India, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa and Colin gave us T-shirts which look very snazzy. On Thursday we played hockey at Figgate Park and it wasn’t as good as it should have been because of the long grass but overall it was great fun. Through the week bells rang at any random time which meant we were to do something like 10 star jumps or stay silent for 10 seconds which was quite a challenge because we love a good chat to one another.
By Pierino & Elsie




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