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7.12.15 – Space blog

On 23rd November we had a visit from the Royal Observatory.

The first thing we did was go into a big dome called the star lab, we all went in we sat down and watched a PowerPoint about ISS (International Space Station) after that the lights dimmed and stars started to appear and Russell told us a story to go with the group of stars he pointed out with his laser pen.

After that we went up to our classroom and Russell taught us how to build paper rockets in group then we went outside to launch them with a tube, a bottle and our rockets – some of them went flying through the air at great speed!

After launching our rockets we went to the gym hall to do some space training there was four stations Steady hand test, Marshmallow Syringe, Agility and tricky jigsaw. Our favourite station was the tricky jigsaw because we had to put on astronaut gloves and try to solve the jigsaw, it was very tricky.

Overall it was a very fun day – we learned lots of new facts about Space and the challenges Tim Peak will be facing very soon.

By Kalvin, Irfan and Lauren P6A

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