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Tuesday 15th December 2015

Tim Peake’s launch,

The big day finally arrived for Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station. We came in from a busy break excited for what we were about to see.  We eagerly waited for the blast off, keeping our fingers crossed the smart board connection was going to work. We were so fortunate that the BBC broadcast kept its signal and we were able to see with our own eyes the launch. It was phenomenal!!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!! Finally the Soyuz rocket launched into space. We all gave a great big cheer!! It was an amazing feeling to watch.  Loads of fire came out of the boosters and it went up into space.   Then gradually pieces of the soyuz separated from the boosters, then we saw a bit of what was going on inside the spacecraft, and we saw Tim Peake  controlling the soyuz rocket.

Afterwards we went to our seats and wrote a couple of sentences about how we felt during launch. Then we drew the badge that Tim Peake will be wearing in space. After that we wrote about what 10 things Tim Peake is planning to do in space – its all very interesting!

P6 really enjoyed watching the launch!!!!!!!

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