P4a Castle Trip

P.4a went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle. We split into groups so that we could explore the castle. One of our favourite places was the dungeons. They were dark and rocky. They had hammock beds and beds on wooden boards. All the prisoners would have been really squashed together.

We saw the one o clock gun that is fired every day. We also saw Mons Meg which is the biggest canon in the castle.

We looked at the Scottish crown jewels and they were shiny and pretty with jewels.

There was a crown, sword and a sceptre.

We also saw the prisons for disobedient soldiers. They had a wooden bed, a toilet and a sink.

Finally we went to a workshop where Isla was dressed up as a knight and we all got to hold and put on some of the Knight’s equipment.

We enjoyed our trip and Edinburgh castle was interesting, a bit spooky, and fun.

We learnt a lot!

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