P7 Learning Blog, week beginning 29th October

This week we done loads of fun and exciting things. For example we got to go to Holyrood High school, When we were there we got to go around a hall with a group of pupils you know but also some from other schools and got to hear about peoples jobs. It was very interesting and fun, It has gave us loads of enjoyable jobs to choose from. Another thing we done this week was we got our flu sprays and at first we all weren’t so excited we were nervous, After we said it wasn’t so bad and we all agreed we wouldn’t regret getting it, The reason we get flu sprays and jabs is to help us not get the flu. Another fun thing we done was we got to get into pairs and choose a natural disaster like a volcano, flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc. After we chose one we would research on the worst flood or something, Finally we make a poster on the worst flood and we decorated and added loads of information. Another thing we done this week is Art and PE for art we got a piece of a painting and we found other people we had the same bit of painting and that was our group, Once we were in the groups we done a quiz and some of the questions were like When you look at this picture what do you see and that’s basically what we done for art. For PE we decided on our football league name the final decision on the name was Porty Premier League, we also came up with our team warmups. Another thing we done last week was we finished our research on rocks, its very interesting to find out we found out there are 3 different types of rocks the 3 are Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous. Another fun thing we done was Football training we got into our teams and got a warmup to do for example dribbling and then we came up with a warm up featuring dribbling. Finally we done Natural Disasters Locations we found out that there are lines that move and patterns can change and that’s how disasters work. So to me I personally think last week was a very fun week.

By Skye

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