P7 Learning review week beginning 29th October

Last Monday morning we learned about earthquakes, in maths it was about chimney sums Decimals we also did a morning challenge and everyone was happy and exited to do it .After break we did book creator about dinosaur for our p1 buddy and natural disaster. Then we had a CHATTY lunch. When we came back in we did a bit of finishing of time and Eric time and finished off Book creator, then it was hymn practice till the end of the day.
Tuesday we did maths again in the morning till break after break we did Nelson Comprehension about Marley’s Ghost and it was really quiet in the class room, then it was lunch time when we came back from lunch everyone was tired so we did some ERIC time, then it was time to do Natural Disasters on time line of an earthquake for the end of the day.
Wednesday we did the same routine as usual maths ,then we went outside to play but the teacher said would you like to do a tour for people looking at our school and it took half an hour, then I had to go back and do art and that took half an hour. Then it was lunch time and we all were so hungry. After that we did PE and art of the day of the dead and it was fun then everyone in class went to PE.
Thursday morning we went to Saint Mary Magdalene’s Church with our buddies there were reads and people doing offertory then we went back to school, we had a late break after we did elections for Pupil Council and Eco Rep and the people who won for Pupil Council was Aila-Noor, Skye and Anna, the people who won for Eco was Ellabay and Mackena everyone enjoyed our talk. It was lunch after lunch we had ERIC time then we worked in partners to do internet safety and we did that till the end of the day.
Friday morning we did some finishing off time till break, after break we went to assembly and some people went to choir and in assembly we were talking about steak.
That was our week and it was a bit tough but it was fun.
By Zahra and Aila-Noor

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