Primary 4 Creating & Designing Games

Primary 4

Creating & Designing Games

Primary 4a & 4b have been working together in small groups to create & design games.

They were all encouraged to use their own ideas, share with each other and make decisions to plan a game.

Each group had to ensure their game contained the following:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Challenging movement
  3. Name
  4. Aim

They then helped the class to learn and play their game, received feedback, reflected and (if required) adapted the game.

Game Names
Cross Tig

Bean Bag Boom Boom

Up & Down & Round & Round

Alien Astronauts

Junior Dodge Ball

Tennis Dodge


King of the Ring

Swirly Wirly Guessy Who

Dodge Run


Here are some thoughts on their learning:

‘It’s hard to get things right the first time’

‘we are learning to be in a group and listen to each other’

‘we have to try things out and sometimes make changes’

‘It’s ok to copy’

‘to make sure the game is not just about winning’

‘we need to incorporate everyone’s ideas’

‘we need to think more about organising the game for the whole class’

‘we are learning different movements’

‘we are learning to work together’

‘ to be creative’





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