P7A Friendship Week

This week has been Friendship Week.

This week we have been learning in maths about how to add and subtract big decimal numbers. This week we have been learning about friendship and the quality of a friend and how to stand up to a bully. Then we learned about the beatitudes and that there are eight beatitudes. We made up our own we also drew a picture about the beatitude we wrote:

Kieran – blessed are those who are not wealthy but will be received in the kingdom of heaven.

Zak – blessed those that accept forgiveness and let God forgive them forever.

Naomi – Blessed are those who are lonely for they will be loved in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We also were learning about story writing as in comic books about bulling. You could do verbal bulling, physical bullying, social bulling and cyber bulling on book creator and one of the pages had to be from pic collage.

By Zak, Kieran and Naomi

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