Friday Update

There has been amazing activity across P3 well done for all of your hard work. All of us at St John’s are so proud of you and miss you very very much.

If you would like to add your picture, send me an email with your favourite picture from this week attached and I will update this post!

To see the pictures more clearly go to I’m sure your classmates would love to see your kind and supportive comments on their pictures!

How are you doing?

Hello P3

We hope you have had a lovely week so far. We would love to hear about what you have been doing.

For P3B, please send us an email to say hello we have more information we would like to send out to you. Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have your contact details until you email us.

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Yesterday we received an email from Olivia’s mummy and she told us about some great maths ideas and resources. She has agreed to do a guest post for us to let us all know what she has been doing!

Thank you very much Olivia and Jenna. We loved hearing from you and your ideas were too good not to share!

 Olivia asked me to share some of the things she has been getting up to in the last few weeks. We have been working on a varied schedule with a little more emphasis on numeracy. BBC Bitesize Numeracy has been a great support to Olivia. Playing UNO and number Bingo has been a great help too!

We are enjoying lots of arts and crafts and story telling, spelling and writing too.

Take care, thanks.

Jenna (Olivia’s Mummy)



I hope you have had a great week P3 and I hope you had a chance to try some activities from this week’s learning grid. We would love to hear about how you have all been doing.

I have been enjoying going on my daily walks and peeking out of my window to see what is going on. Have you seen any rainbows on your walks? Or maybe you have a rainbow on your window? If you can, take a picture of a rainbow and upload it onto the site below.

password: bonjour

Click the pink circle on the bottom right corner to add your picture. Don’t forget to add your name too!

Please be aware that Padlet stores information on a server and so it is not suitable for posting personal information, only upload a picture if you are comfortable with it being in the public domain. We are testing it out!

We can’t wait to see your pictures! We will post again on Monday with tasks and ideas for the next week.

Have a great weekend!

Ms Horak, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Morrison

Rhetorical Questions with Mr McFarlane

We have been learning about rhetorical questions with Mr McFarlane. Rhetorical questions is a question without an answer.  Mr McFarlane taught us about rhetorical questions. Yesterday we completed a project about rhetorical questions. We made a poster about something we would sell on a Christmas sale and we had to advertise it using rhetorical questions. We have worked on this for four weeks and haactivitymore-AFB57668-C544-4079-BA30-7DB3AE63D112ve thought of amazing inventions. One of our most liked ones was thought of by Maisie DJ in P7A. She had thought of a see-through toaster we thought this would be helpful to make sure that you don’t burn your toast.

There were lots of other ideas for example Katie’s idea was windscreen glasses,  it would clean your glasses. Zak’s idea was a talking snowman and it would dance, sing, tell you the time and tell you jokes! Erin’s one was about a bed for animals that could put them asleep in no time. There were also lots more great advertisements but I won’t say them all.

Katie, Erin and Zak