St John’s Gardening Gang get stuck in!

We’ve been really busy this term planting hundreds of bulbs along the bank at the front of the school. In the Spring we hope to see lots of daffodils, snowdrops, crocus’, grape hyacinths and alliums brightening up the bank. We’ve also made some new signs for the planters in the playground using some of the slates which Douglas’ mum has given the school.

We asked a few of the children to describe what we’d been doing since the October break and this is what they said:

“ We have been planting bulbs with our friends and we have taken a picture of some of them. We’ve had loads of fun. In the spring the bulbs will grow and we will have blue and yellow flowers. Bees, butterflies and worms will be really happy!”
Amy, Anaya and Lucia from P2

We’ve had some help from some parents too – Emily (Maisie and Sandy’s Mum) and Heather (Murran’s Mum).

Great work everyone

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  1. All of Primary 2 have absolutely loved having Tana here to garden with us! We are waiting patiently for the bulbs to grow into beautiful flowers in the Spring. Thank you so much to the Parent Council for funding this very valuable experience.
    If you have an older child who hasn’t yet had a chance to garden this year, please let them know that Tana will be back at St. John’s after Christmas and is usually at school at lunchtimes once or twice a week. She will begin taking P3 groups and continue to move up the school.

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