St John’s RC Parent Council November Minutes

St John’s Parent Council Meeting – 20th November 2018

Present: C Wood, J Morrison, S McClay, R Fitzgerald, J Skene, K Orton-Johnson, M Burgess, J Kelly, J Woral

1. Support/Playtime:

* Playground is tight and there is a lack of equipment

* Pupil feedback gathered at assembly: more trim trail, wigwam issues

* Park should be opening this month, extra bodies would be helpful for facilitating the use of this.

* Issue with no gate/visual barrier at exit from park

* Dog-free? This is on the minutes from a public meeting

2. Lighting

* external lighting request is with the council

3. Christmas Fair

* Sunday 2nd December 2-4pm

* There will be santa’s grotto, choir on stairs, fairtrade stall, various activities, Friends of Figgy Park stall, Donations for Foodbank, KidsloveClothes

* Kidsloveclothes really need donations of vest, pants, socks and pyjamas

4. Library

* Software Abracadaba £995

* Book and magazine donations welcomed

* Potential subscriptions: National Geographic, Beano, Pheonix, Dekko Comics

* £250 Scholastic + 25% – feedback on what type of books to be gathered so that order can be made in December. Teacher and pupil requests

* Book Covers – £300

* Target is 4500 book: 12 books per child

* To be mainly by P4-7 pupils

5. Edinburgh Youth Theatre

* lunchtime club

* Trial £400 for a 10 week session for 16 children (£2.50 pcps)

* Confidence focus P3-5

* APPROVED for Jan – March

* Long term funding to be looked into – Arts and Drama Funding, trial will help with this.

6. Gardening Club

* Very successful will continue to fund

* £2800 per year

* Look into grants for materials and gardening ‘stuff’

7. Mud Kitchen

* Website £439 + VAT from cozy-direct

* Parents can donate accessories

* Mud Kitchen out in the front playground also

* Look into joiner and sourcing a mud kitchen asap

8. Brick Buddies/Go Kart

* Go Kart project has started 8 x P6/7

* Will be a learning blog produced

* Still looking for brick buddies for a lego club

9. Treasurer

* Dynamic Earth extended £1 per pupil for first visit, free thereafter

10. Parking

* No update

* Contact council about road markings to make driveways etc clearer

* Junior Road officers – banner

* Travel Tracker survey

11. AOB

* Christmas Jumper/Book Day Costume ‘Swap-Shop’ Stall being successful so far

* WW1 grant for activities to be looked into

* NSPCC will be coming in on the 13th to speak to pupils

* Brighton Setts report circulated

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