Parent Council Meeting Minutes January 2019

Minutes from Parent Council Meeting 17/01/2019

  1. Welcome, introduction and apologies;

Present; Jo Worrall – Chair, Colin Wood – Treasurer, Deirdre Henderson – Secretary, Jackie Kelly- Head Teacher, Mr Burgess – Acting Depute Headteacher, Nicola Roxburgh – Early Years Officer at St Johns nursery, 6 parents.

Apologises: Mary Campbell and Kate Campbell

Action Points;

  1. Minutes from last meeting approved.
  2. Any support required from the school;

– Brick Buddies; volunteers required once a week from12.30 – 1.15 p.m.

– Lunch Time cover in playground, volunteers required.

Discussed possibility of local retired people, parents and children from the high school could help. Action – Julie will advertise in church newsletter for suitable volunteers.

  1. Building Update/Playground; there are outstanding snagging issues including lights at the back of the school, lights going on and off after school hours, no outdoor cold-water tap. Action – JK has requested a meeting with the builders to discuss.
  2. Events;

Movie Night taking place Friday 1st of March 2019

Summer Fair taking place Saturday 1st of June 2019

  1. Library Update;

The covering of the books and labelling started, volunteers required to help.

Waiting on data to be installed so software for lending can be inputted. Action – Mr Burgess/JK

  1. Soccer Academy Gold & Gray; staff from the academy are couching/mentoring 4 pupils one to one through football on a Thursday for 10 weeks.

No flood lights on school football pitch, they made a proposal to the PCM to meet half ways with the parent council to purchase lights. Action – JR to discuss best options with Gordon Daly.

  1. Go Cart; Mr Burgess updated the committee, there is a minor issue which is in the process of getting fixed. Very positive feedback from the children for the go cart.

Mud Kitchen – PC will fund a mud kitchen for the nursery at a cost of £525. Action – Jennifer to liaise with nursery & company to start the work.

  1. Brick Buddies – great success at the school, Jackie will look into possible after school work shops.
  2. Parental Views – Jackie asked if there is anything parents wish to ask or want to know about; the school are happy to discuss school/ educational related topics with parents as Part of the Parental Engagement Programme & Health & Well Being programme. Action – PC to put forward from the parents any topics.
  3. Treasurer’s Report & Scio – please see attached Colin’s notes.
  4. School PC Funds for 2018/19 – Colin gave an update on PC funds.
  5. Parking; ongoing issue at the school. Jo will write a letter for Mary Campbell to put forward to the council for them to give guidance on how best to solve or help the situation.

The school is relaunching Travel Tracker with pupils.


Next Parent Council Meeting takes place on the Tuesday the 12th of March at 6.45 p.m.

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