P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 28.01.19

This week we started our Light and Sound topic. There are manmade sources of light like candles, lamps, iPads, torches and fireworks, and there are natural ones like fire, lava, the sun and lightning. We also learnt about how light travels through objects. There are opaque things like tables, walls, floors, bricks, foil and metal. There are also transparent things like glass, windows, clear water bottles and glasses, and translucent things like sunglasses, tracing paper and cellophane.

We were also learning about Scottish myths. Some Scottish myths have dangerous creatures; some creatures live in water and some on land. Myths are stories about mysteries, some people look for the creatures and try to kill them and some people think that they are not true. We wrote our own Scottish myths, making up a mystery and explaining with the actions of a mythical creature.

We have been learning about awesome alliteration. Alliteration is when you make at least 2 words start with the same letter. It can be used for names like Horrid Henry. We used alliteration in our Scottish myths.

In RE we learnt about St Thomas Aquinas. He was a calm and quiet person who read a lot of books and wrote down lots of ideas. He came up with the ‘first cause’ argument.

In PE we have been staying active by leading each other in fitness activities, and we played a fitness activity in teams using a deck of cards.

By Paulina and Julia

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