P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 11.03.19

This week we made our own French menus. Firstly, we looked at French menus, then we used the information we had learned to create our own menus. We learnt that some foods are spelt the same as food in English. We liked that we could make our design of the menu in any way we wanted.

We also did an experiment to investigate sound waves. We used instruments to make noises, and watched how they caused vibrations, and we made noise next to a drum with rice on it and watched as the rice moved.

As part of the 40 acts of kindness this Lent, we wrote thank you cards to the support staff of St John’s. The activity was to write a letter to someone we appreciate. We learned that when you show someone gratitude they will show gratitude back. We really enjoyed writing to someone we know and appreciate.

By Dawid and Lochlan

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