P4a’s trip to Dynamic Earth

We went to Dynamic Earth to take part in a workshop on Weather. This linked into our learning about the Water Cycle for our Water topic this term.

We learned that the sun makes our weather and that the water cycle is an important part of the weather.  We made mini tornadoes inside a bottle of water and we created static electricity with balloons and looked at how this causes lightning.

Then we had a tour around the different places in Dynamic Earth.  Some of us liked the volcano and the way the ground was shaking, but some of us found it a bit scary.

We all liked the iceberg and had great fun touching it and seeing how ice and glaciers have made some of the Scottish landscape.

We watched a 3D film about different parts of the Earth like the desert and the rainforest.  Everything seemed so close and some of us were trying to touch the animals.

We finished our tour in the rainforest and found out about some of the rainforest animals. By this point we were very hungry and we were glad it was time for lunch.

We finished our trip in the showdome and watched what happened at the big bang.

By P.4a


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