Walking on the Moon, still warring on Earth.

There are many different things certain people think seem impossible but one collective, worldwide impossible mission is to abolish war. The first ever moonlanding seemed impossible before 1969, but that very year it was accomplished, so if that was overcome could this that has been a devastating force for hundreds if not thousands of years finally be abolished.

Climate change as well as war is destroying the world. If the astronauts on Apollo 11 looked down to earth they could clearly see how delicate our world is. Even without war, climate change could completely wreck the planet sooner than anyone ever expected. With supplies for a number of different wars happening in the present right now and hundreds more before in the past using the world’s precious resources and having an effect now, climate change could happen even quicker. If war was abolished lives that could have been lost so young could be saved and the resources that could have been used could be passed on to the future generations for greater purposes or inventions.

All the machines and weapons made for war make a big dent in how much resources the earth has, but could that be helped? If people agreed on things war would not be so apparent, but the real question is why do people want to cause that much trouble on one thing and take so many valuable lives?

Usually a leader starts a war, as he or she wants more land or doesn’t agree with a country’s view. Sometimes though, war can be for the greater good, say if some people are being treated badly and are disagreeing or fighting against the people inflicting this treatment upon them. War and international disagreement must seem so petty and stupid when you look down from the moon, as from up there, no obvious borders in different countries and continents can be seen. The earth is all one planet so everybody should really share it rather than warring over it.

It has been a dream for as long as time for there to be world peace and no wars. Multiple organistions have been trying to abolish war and create world peace but they haven’t entirely accomplished that, however could it be possible to change that? The pieces of land that make up the world are constantly being fought over but if the earth was shared out it might reduce fighting due to people having the same amount of land as everyone else. Another way could be to create an event, like the moon landing, that brings the world together but instead of it being a once in a lifetime thing it would happen regularly, once or even twice a year.

In 1969 the world seemed to stop and everyone gathered around a television to see this once in a lifetime view and proof that humans can do anything they put their mind to. Everybody came to peace when this, then initiative came to land and many people’s dreams took place in front of their eyes there and then. It must have felt even more peaceful back then, not everyone had their own tv, they would have to huddle together around the person who had one in their community to catch a glimpse of this ground breaking event. If something like this happened more regularly surely less countries would want to fight and would rather take part in one of these events and see what they could all achieve as one.

In conclusion, I think more events that include every country to take part and make one big thing as a whole should happen a lot more often so they can focus on the team-building task rather than the feuds that could start war. I also think schools could help children do similar activites. The reason for this is children remember what they learn and also learn better when they are young and usually use that knowledge in later life which would result in less self-centred people who are likely to start war. Everyone should make sure children have a happy and loving community around them and someone who can make sure they have friends and are not left out as when people are left out they build up hatred and anger inside which is sometimes the cause of war. I believe war should definitely be abolished maybe using some of the tips mentioned above, I realise it won’t happen in the click of a finger but we should never give up til it is abolished for good.

by Niamh P7B

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  1. Hi Niamh it’s AbiPlayz your friend.i just wanted to say how outstanding this essay is.i particularly liked it due to the fact that it’s about science.

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