Sports Day Fun for Primary 7

By Annie and Charlie

On Tuesday it was St Johns sports day. Sports day always happens at the end of term, no matter if your in P1 or P7 we all join in!

In the morning, the P7’s looked after the P1’s in their sports day. We got into groups and helped and demonstrated their activities that they had to do. We enjoyed it because it was a good experience for us going into high school. At the very end of the younger ones sports day we helped our buddies with the mini marathon and we enjoyed helping them.

After lunch it was our sports day! We were so excited! We did races like the relay, egg and spoon, obstacle course and last but not least… THE MINI MARATHON!

In the mini marathon, the P7’s had to do 2 laps of the Figgate Park! We were very tired afterwards! We all did so well!

This Sports Day was AMAZING!!!!!

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