Snowsports Club Week 1 Blog

We were all really excited as we got into the mini bus to travel to Midlothian Ski Centre. We were looking forward to it, we thought it would be a good experience. We signed up inside and our instructor Keith told us about all the equipment we needed. The boots felt heavy but i’m used to rollerblades so it wasn’t too difficult. We need to remember to take our gloves next week we didn’t like the ones we borrowed. We had to borrow a helmet most of us wore red but Thomas had to wear the adult sized one!

We carried our skis outside made our way up a small hill and put on our skis. We learned how to make a snowplough using our skis. We went straight down and tried not to hit the inflatable mat at the bottom! We learned how to stand up after you fall. By the end of the session we were all coming down the small slope from the top!

I think it was amazing i’m excited for next week. Catriona

I thought it was really fun and I learned something new. Sophia

Thanks to Lauren and everyone from Active schools who helped us organise our club. Thanks also to Keith for being a great instructor yesterday!

By Catriona and Sophia

We would appreciate a parent volunteer to accompany the group, Lauren found it easier to manage with two adults rather than just one. Please let Lauren or Mr Burgess know if you can support for the next few weeks.

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