Our Benmore Adventure

Our first impressions of benmore…

I think the food at benmore is really good.tonight I had spaghetti! Milosz

I enjoyed walking up the streams and ditches and getting muddy! Liam

I liked exploring the whole house with Aun. I used my torch.it was really fun. I also enjoyed playing pool. Amjad

I liked being in the mini gorge getting muddy and wet. I liked climbing up all the trees. Jaxson

I liked exploring the grounds and the house. The gardens are really pretty. Abbie

I liked going on the walk this afternoon and finding out new things. Lexi

I liked exploring the mini gorge today.I’m looking forward to the gorge walk tomorrow! Lorena

I enjoyed racing Rocco up the hill. I won and felt good! Bartek

I like having our freedom and having our own free time. Grace

I am really enjoying Benmore, I’m looking forward to abseiling tomorrow. Rocco

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