Wet and muddy

Group 9 had a great day here are some of our thoughts.

I felt quite scared when we are at the top of fact flowing waterfalls in the gorge.but we made it out with teamwork. Rhys

I was quite excited because I was the first one to go through the keyhole but I got soaking. I was quite proud of myself for going first. Millie

The gorge was freezing but I enjoyed climbing rocks. I felt freezing cold this morning! Francesco

I didn’t think I can do anyone when I got near to the end of the gorge. I was so cold. I thought might only be here once so I pushed myself to go for it. I feel proud. Kayden

When we decided to have a small fire I managed to do the sparks and light the fire. The first time I sparked nothing happened but I was really surprised that it lit the fire on the third time. Emma

I’m really proud that I got muddy and was the muddiest of all the children in the group. Ella

I enjoyed today it was really fun but I’m looking forward to the movie night. Orla

I enjoyed getting out of the activities and relaxing on my bed. I felt freezing! Clare

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