Group 8’s final thoughts

The week was really good fun and challenging at the same time, I’m pleased I came because it is good practice of if do things again. Carys

I was pushed out of my comfort zone my highlight was the abseil because im scared of heights but I managed to do it. Christina

My highlight was having toasted marshmallows and sliding down the slides in the gorge! Lily

The gorge walk was my favorite activity because I got to go on water slides and it was fun to climb up the waterfalls. Luca

I liked the abseil. It was my first time and it was fun and I learned something new. Aun

I liked the canoe adventure to the caves. We had toasted marshmallow.I liked canoeing because it was fun and we had have a laugh. I would like to try it back at home. Sean

The caving was funI learned new things it was challenging and you had to work as a team. William

In the gorge I got to go down a water slide. The water built up and we slid down it. I also liked the disco. Eva

My highlight was the nightwalk because we had to use out other was my highlight. Sophia

We’ve had a great time this week, it’s time to head home!

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