Garden Club Term 1 Update

More lovely times with Garden Club this term. The children have cleared and replenished the beds with compost and horse manure. We have winter cabbages coming along in one of the raised beds, the kitchen will be able to incorporate them into one of the school meals next term.

We’ve transplanted lots of the self seeded seedlings into the propagator at the front of the school. Hopefully they will survive the frosts and we will have a head start with calendula, nasturtium, borage and rocket in the spring and we will have spare plants to sell at the spring fair.

More daffodil bulbs have been planted at the front of the school, I’m looking forward to some cheery yellow in April.

We worked with the Woodland Trust to plant some native Scottish trees around the new school site; Dog Rose up the boundary fence between the willow tunnel and the astro, a Hazel fence at Nursary, a Rowan and Oak tree near the bike parking and Rowan and Silver Birch Trees near the astro.


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