Calling all Artists – P1-P3

Hello p1-p3

I’m sure most of the classes have had plenty to do and Im sure lots of you have created some lovely art using so many different materials from the man-made and/or the natural environment.

if you’d like some inspiration see below I’d like to suggest a few things and maybe only one activity a day if you feel up to it

WATCH – BBC iplayer Mister Maker , Mati and Dada on Youtube for artist inspired cartoons,

DO– a scavenger hunt for different shapes, textures,colours,uses

DRAW– a pet or a toy, looking at shapes and textures and colours

PLAY– a dice game with parts to draw when you roll a number

MAKE– A lucky draw set of ideas of what to draw

some of the girls and boys from p.3 should know what the lucky draw is and maybe even the dice game!

Enjoy! and ill put up more suggestions after the Easter ‘Holiday’

Miss Mcwilliam

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