Learning Journals for P1-4

Dear P1-4 parents,

This week we have been setting up Learning Journals as our main learning platform for P1-4. Using this tool we will be able to effectively engage with learners through shared work, feedback to learners about the tasks they complete and track the learners through this difficult time. In order to do this we require to use parent email addresses. 

Due to the fact that our professional data is stored centrally in school, yesterday we were able to harvest the information required in order to upload pupil profiles and link these to class teachers. We are now in a position to add parent email addresses to the accounts. If you wish to opt out of this system please inform the Admin email account admin@st-johns.edin.sch.uk and we will remove your data from Learning journals. This will mean however that we cannot communicate with you using this platform. 

Learning journals are a new way of working for many of our staff in St John’s. All our staff are working hard to develop their confidence with technology to support our learners. Monday 4th May is an In-service day and staff will use some of the time to familiarise themselves with the platform through a webinar. After our Early and first level Team meeting earlier this week, we are confident P1-4 learners will benefit from using Learning Journals to communicate with their teacher and engage in their learning.

Moving forward Learning journals could potentially be used as a Parent/Teacher communication tool from P5-7, however children will continue to access and upload work using Teams which have been established since lockdown. More information about this will be shared when we have it.

Below is a link to a video testimonial from a parent who has used Learning Journals.

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