Learning Journals Update

I have updated the St John’s Learning Journals Site stjohns.yourlearningjournals.co.uk with pupil details and connected parents to these accounts.

P1-3 will be using these for the basis of online learning and this will replace Whatsapp groups from next week.

P4 are happy to receive work through Learning journals, but P4 will continue to use Onedrive to set and organise their weekly tasks.

P5-7 will continue to use Teams to set work and communicate with children, Learning Journals can be used by parents to message teachers.

We realise that some of you have lots of evidence of learning over the past few weeks and want to share this with the class teacher, I would ask that you limit this to a reasonable amount per day perhaps 3 pictures, to make sure it is also manageable for staff.

We hope that Learning journals help you to feel supported and connected as we continue to learn and work from home.

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