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Welcome to P6A’s latest blog! We had a shorter week this week because we had Monday off. Some of us spent our Monday playing football, some people went to the skate park and others played Roblox. One of us even managed to catch a Pikuchu on Pokemon Go!

In PE, we have been playing football rounders. It is like normal rounders but you kick a football instead of hitting a small ball. There are two teams, the batting team and the fielding team. This week we enjoyed playing it on the astro, and the team who won were better because they used good strategy and tactics and worked as a team.

Primary 6 have been learning about decimals in numeracy. We learned about converting mixed number fractions into decimals, and we learnt how to write tenths as decimals. We did some textbook pages about it and added and subtracted within whole numbers to show how a half becomes 0.5. It was a lot of fun!

On Wednesday, we had Miss McWilliams for art in the morning. We used charcoal and ink to copy and draw three different types of flowers, and we had to copy them exactly as we saw them. Then we coloured them in with chalk pastels and rubbed our pictures with paper towel to bring out the ‘ghost effect’.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, we had outdoor learning with Mrs Gries. We measured trees by walking away from the tree then looking at them upside down through our legs until we saw the top of the tree! We then measured the distance back to the tree to find the height. We also calculated the ages of the trees by measuring the circumference and dividing it by 2.5, because every year trees grow around 2.5cm thicker.

On Thursday, we were learning about characters and how to describe them. We learnt that it is better to ‘show, not tell’, which means that you describe how someone moves, speaks and acts, as well as how other people react to them, in order to show what they are like. This week, we wrote about a bully, and had to write about them walking into a room and show their personality without just saying ‘bully’. We all worked really hard to write ambitious descriptions!

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