Working hard!

Since returning from our October break, Primary 2B have been working their little socks 🧦 off!
The children LOVE to learn and continue to show enthusiasm and a boundless amount of energy for learning new things!
The list could go on but here is a snapshot of some of our learning 😊

Place value – how numbers are made – how many tens and ones are in each number. Learning to read the time – o’clock and half past on both analogue and digital clocks ⏰ Number word recognition and counting. Magic e – how the letter β€˜e’ can change the sound of words – LOTS of writing ✍️ and reading πŸ“– here! Phases of the moon πŸŒ™ using Oreo cookies πŸͺ Remembrance Day silence and poppy craft. Catholic Education week πŸ™πŸ»(16th November) learning about St Teresa of Calcutta and how we can follow in her footsteps.

I hope the children are telling you about their days in school 🏫! It’s a happy and safe place to be 😊

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