Learning Blog – P7B 4.12.20

In maths we did some work on angles in a triangle with protractors and estimating angles in a triangle. We learned that all the angles add up to 180 degrees. We were great at remembering the different triangle names like isosceles and scalene. We also did some work on naming different angles like acute, obtuse, right angle, and a reflex. We played interactive games like Alien Attack and realised measuring angles accurately in real life is important for engineers building bridges, pilots and people in the army.

On Monday we did some work on literacy speech marks like writing sentences without speech marks and adding in the punctuation and the speech marks where they should be.

In art on Wednesday afternoon we were looking at making a snowman from a worms eye view and a birds eye view with chalk pastels and pencil and purple paper background it was very fun and festive.

In PE this week we were learning about throwing, catching, targets, dodging and blocking. We played mat ball where you had two people on the mat on each team and they had to catch the ball to get all of their team on the mat but there would be a blocker on each team who could stop the other team catching the ball so it would be harder. We also played a game called three lives where you have three lives and anything someone says you have to do if not you would lose a life if you lose all your lives your out for example floor is lava if you don’t get above the ground you lose a life.

We decorated our windows for a some festive spirit on theme of a song!! P7’s song was It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. We looked at the lyrics and we did some bells, hearts, music notes, a door with holly on the window, a ball shaped Christmas tree with a 3D star on top, also candy canes in some fake snow on the bottom and presents piled up on the window to look like toys.

Today we finally got to put up a real Christmas tree in class! We decorated it with some tinsel and a paper star baubles and stars on our small circle desk. It looks really good!

Written by Michael C and Micheal.

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