Festive Fun!

Primary 4 have been very busy and have loved getting into the Christmas spirit this week!
We began by creating our classroom winter windows based on the song Rockin’ Robin! We used black sugar paper as outlines and then cellophane in the middle to make a stained glass window effect! The children did a great job!
We also set the tables in our classroom with table cloths, crackers and napkins for our Christmas lunch. We sat with our friends and chatted whilst listening to Christmas music!
We also created an art gallery in the class. The children all drew a picture of Christmas trees and then drew straight lines to make different shapes. We talked about the colour wheel and they chose complementary colours for the background. Emi was voted the winner by her classmates!
I think the highlight for primary 4 (and Miss Sinclair) was ‘Be the Teacher’. Miss Sinclair enjoyed taking some time out of teaching and letting the children take on the job instead! They each planned a lesson in groups of 3 and taught it to the class. They did a fabulous job and realised that it can be quite challenging!!
For maths, we did a Christmas party problem solving activity. The children worked in pairs to solve clues in order to work out the mystery. We had two pairs who successfully solved the mystery – Hollie and Helena and Zac and Euan… well done detectives!
Finally, we ended the busy week with a lovely winter Santa walk around the Figgate park!
A fun-filled week in primary 4!

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