Laudato Si Pledge

During Catholic Education Week, St John’s took the pledge to become a Laudato Si School. The whole school participated in a virtual prayer service, promising to respond to Pope Francis call to love God, look after each other and protect our world.

As a Laudato Si school we want to make A CHANGE FOR GOOD. We will LEARN, PRAY AND ACT to make a difference in our world.

We promise that we will work together in our classrooms, the school building, school grounds, homes, local area, across the country and across the world to make change and look after our planet.

Over the coming weeks and months we will share our progress with you.

We Pray:

As a community of faith and learning we make this promise together

We the family of St John’s RC Primary

Promise to love God, look after each other

And protect the earth.

We will learn, pray and act

To protect all life,

To prepare for a better future,

Of justice,



And beauty.


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