P6B Blog – Week beginning 15.03.21


This week in writing we were working on our discursive writing, which helped us understand and make balanced arguments. We decided to write about whether school holidays should be longer.

We learnt that a discursive argument is when you hear both sides of the story, and you have to be impartial or people won’t listen to you, because people don’t just want to hear one side of the story.


This week in maths P6b have been learning to convert fractions into decimals. 

On Tuesday we challenged ourselves with the chilli challenges. 

We’ve been learning to times the denominator to 100 and then do the same to the numerator. We also did revision of what we had learned about in lockdown, and how to divide the denominator if it is more than 100 and we want to make it into a decimal.


This week in HWB we made emotion thermometers. We thought of different words for different emotions and levelled them from the highest level of that emotion and the lowest. For example, when we did happy the top word was ecstatic and the bottom was content. So, at the top there was extremely high emotions and the bottom was a low level of it. So now when we are not sure how to describe how we are feeling we can say for example, I’m feeling about level 3 on the sad thermometer, or you could say I’m feeling level 5 on the excitement! 


In science this week we have learned about batteries and different circuits. We learnt this by pretending to be different things in the circuit. I learnt that batteries need to be attached with both sides for it to be complete. It’s like when you put in a battery in the wrong way round it won’t work. This is the same to lightbulbs and buzzers.  

St Patrick’s Day 

For Saint Patrick’s Day we learned about Saint Patrick and all of the wonderful things he done. First we Cut out shamrocks on paper next we got Blu-Tac and stuck them onto a different piece of paper, thence got some paint and bought it outside because it was a bright and sunny day. Next we went outside and use our fingers prints to go around them in a rainbow form while  we let them dry we played a few games outside with balloons. We got into groups and played over and under with them. Then we came back inside and done some Irish dancing around the tables. 


In P.E we started played lots of games with Mr Devine. Games like chaos tag, a tornado game and a game called switch. We also played a catching game where we catch a ball into a cone or a box. We did lots of catching, throwing, and speed games, we really had fun.

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