P7 Outdoor Learning

To introduce the ‘ Animal Adaptation’ topic this week, Primary 7B completed a challenging group quiz! The winners were …….. Team ‘ The brothers Kebabie’ – Harris, Robbie, Ben & Michael T. Well done!

Here are some thoughts about what P7B enjoyed or learnt this week:

“I enjoyed the deer game & thinking about the ways deers survive in the wild”   Kian

” I learnt that camels store fat in their humps, not water like many people think. I liked the animal games too”.     Vi

“I learnt about brumation is like migration behaviour”  Catriona.

” I learnt about that owls have amazing eyesight to help them.catvh their prey”.       Milly

” I learnt how foxes use their hearing to catch prey”.  Michael C.

P7B using their ‘owl eyes’ to catch prey! 

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