Busy Bees in P2!

Primary 2A and 2B have had a busy week!

We have been learning about compound words and have enjoyed crashing two words together to make a new word with a new meaning! We have played matching card games, jigsaw games, guess the word, practiced writing the words and using them in sentences!✏️

We have continued our learning on measuring – last week it was length, this week it’s all about weight! 🏋️
Using scales, we have explored heavy and light using cubes, blocks, apples, milk cartons and even shoes!! We have tried to make the scales balance and understand what happens when one object is heavier than the other.

The children had a real treat as we were lucky enough to have Mrs Campbell, our Outdoor Learning Teacher working with them. She introduced the children to animal adaptation 🦔

Through outdoor activities and games including hiding caterpillars 🐛 and using Owl 🦉 eyes and Deer 🦌 ears the children learned how different animals adapt to keep safe. We drew labelled pictures to show their understanding. It was such a FUN and interesting day!

Finally, we have designed patterned hatching eggs and feathery chicks 🐣 just in time for Easter!

We are delighted with the children’s engagement in all their learning – long may it continue!

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