P6A Blog Week Beginning 22.03.21

In numeracy this week, we have been converting fractions and decimals into percentages. We did a lot of practice and then did a codebreaker where we needed to do the conversions, find our answer on the key and solve a riddle.

In science we have been learning about electrical circuits. We learned about how circuits are represented by symbols, and then drew our own circuits including things like motors, buzzers and batteries.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is a book that we are using for Health and Wellbeing. This week, we looked at an interesting quote from it: ‘One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things’. We discussed how you can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you react to it. Ms Mitchell then read out some scenarios and we acted out how we could react to them.

This week’s writing was computational instructions, where you have to think like a robot and list every single step exactly and precisely. We practised by giving each other exact instructions in the playground, then we wrote down how to make our favourite sandwich, making sure we explained every single step, even how to pick up a knife and spread butter. It was very fun.

Sunday is Palm Sunday, so we read the passage from the Bible that tells us what happened. We then wrote diary entries as if we were there at the time that Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

Overall, we have had a great week. We have also done a lot of PE and games outside, and are hoping that we get more nice weather next week!

By Clarissa and Daniel B

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