Friendship in P.1

In literacy this week P.1 were learning about the sounds if ’i’, ’n’ and ’p’. They worked hard at writing the sounds on laminated cards and made lots of different cvc words with magnetic boards and letters. In numeracy P.1 were counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. They were counting and drawing amounts in their workbooks and continued practising their number formation. In our All About Me topic P.1 finished off their self-portraits and together they make an amazing display. This week there was a focus on friends and the children were talking about what makes a good friend. They decorated a heart as they had decided that a good friend shows love and kindness. In RE the children talked about their families and how their family looked after and cared for them. They talked about how they helped at home and there was a lot of claims that they tidied their bedrooms and helped with dusting and vacuuming!

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