Book Week in P.1

This week P.1 have been celebrating book week. They enjoyed a trip to the library where they received their Bookbug bags from the Scottish Book Trust. The librarian spoke to them about the library and read them a Winnie the Witch story. P.1 particularly enjoyed having time to look at the books in the library and see what was on offer. In class they listened each day to one of the stories from the Bookbug bag. For the story of ‘Scaredy Bat’ by Jonathan Meres, the children listened to the story and talked about what happened. They thought of words that rhymed with bat and wrote them on bat pictures. They listened to the story of ‘Stuck Inside’ by Sally Anne Garland and drew the ‘Storm Protecting Machine’ from the story or designed one of their own.  It was lovely to see the P.7 buddies join P.1 and read a story to their buddy as part of book week.

Also, this week P.1 watched a Road Safety Magic Show in the school hall. Before the show the children watched a Road Safety story called ‘Bella Crosses the Road’. The children talked about where it is safe to cross the road and how to cross safely. They really enjoyed the magic show with all the road safety magic tricks which reinforced the Road Safety messages.

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