Celebrating Candlemas in P.1

This week in literacy P.1 have been learning the sounds of ‘ch’, ‘qu’ and ‘x’. They have been using the sounds to make cvc words such as ‘chin’, ‘chat’, ‘chip’, ‘chick’, ‘quit’, quiz’, ‘fix’, ‘box’, tax.  They have also been introduced to the tricky or red words ‘want’ and ‘saw’. They have been learning to write all the new sounds and have been practicing writing the new tricky words too. They can make and write these words at home for extra practise.

In numeracy the children have continued with addition of 2 numbers and have been counting on 1 more and 1 less. They have been looking at different spot patterns for quick counting. They have been learning to put one number in their head and count on to add the second amount. They have been working hard at counting and adding amounts in their workbooks, forming numbers correctly and making sure they are the right way round. At home P.1 can see what numbers they can find when they are out and about and can practice writing them.

This week as part of the whole school ‘Celebrations’ topic P.1 have been learning about Candlemas. They learned that it is a Christian Festival of Light and is linked to the presentation of baby Jesus in the Temple. They listened to the story of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the Temple for the first time. They learned that people light candles and, in some countries, pancakes are eaten as part of the celebration. P.1 made their own candles by decorating card and rolling into a candle shape. They coloured a flame and attached it to complete their candle.

We were delighted to have a visit this week from a parent in P.1b who spoke to the children about life in Germany and taught them some German vocabulary. They looked at slides showing some of the celebrations that they have in Germany. The children were delighted to finish by eating pretzels.

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