Learning in P.1

This week in literacy P.1 have continued work on set 3 sounds. They have been learning ‘o-e’ to make magic ‘e’ words such as ‘nose’, ‘home’, ‘note’, ‘cone’, ‘chose’, ‘shore’, ‘those’, ‘rose’, and ‘rope’.  They have also been revising the tricky words. Please encourage your child to read and write the tricky words at home. They can make and write cvc and cvcv words with ‘o-e’ at home for revision. Your child can also choose a word and make up a simple sentence to say and then write.

In numeracy the children have continued counting and saying what number comes before, after and between. They have been ordering numbers to 20 forwards and backwards and writing in any missing numbers. They have been adding amounts within 10. At home they can count forwards and backwards from different numbers and can practise adding two amounts together.

P.1 learned about how police officers help us for the People Who Help Us topic. They wrote in their workbooks and coloured in a police officer.                                                                                                        They had fun in the hall for PE doing movement and dance together.

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