Making Words in P.1

This week in literacy P.1 have been learning about the sounds of ‘s’ and ‘d’. They have been looking at what begins with ‘s’ and ‘d’ and have been practising writing and forming them correctly in the cursive style on whiteboards. At home they can look for objects that begin with these sounds and play I-spy. They can practise writing the sounds with pencils and felt pens. They used the boards with magnetic letters to find the different sounds and made the words ‘sad’ and ‘mad’. 

In numeracy the children have been counting forwards and backwards from 20. They have been starting from different places and stopping at different places. At home they can count forwards and backwards from different starting points and can count objects around the house. P.1 practised writing the numerals ‘2’ and ‘3’ on whiteboards and they can practise writing these at home. They were also counting alternate numbers and worked with a partner outside passing the ball as they took turns to count.

This week in RE P.1 talked about how we are all different in appearance, personality, and preferences from others, but we are all equal and loved in God’s eyes. They painted pictures of themselves and discussed that we are all unique. 

P.1 enjoyed movement and singing and worked well on actions to go with songs as part of our topic work on Musicals.

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