P7 Residential Trip – The Adventure begins

As we approached Benmore we thought it looked like a castle! We were excited as we arrived. The building looked adventurous like the pictures we had seen before. The ceilings in the rooms are really high, much higher than at home.

As soon as we met as a whole school we were split into our groups. Our instructor is called Phil. We went to the library to play a name memory game. Later we were given waterproofs and wellies. We were also given the challenge of making our beds, it was really hard to put the duvet covers on!

To help us get our bearings we went for a walk around the grounds. We ate clover which tasted just like apple skin! We had to walk through rivers and mud, everyone enjoyed getting muddy! We had to put our face into the mud and made Miss Sinclair crawl through a small tunnel.

When we arrived back we noticed everyone was outside, the fire alarm had gone off and we had to wait for the fire brigade to arrive before we could go and get changed. We rolled down the hill on the front lawn to pass the time.

Dinner was delicious and juicy. We ate fish and chips even though some of us don’t usually like it!

We are just getting ready for another challenge…the night walk! It’s going to very dark with obstacles and no torches! We think we might have to communicate well and work as a team. We are really excited!

by Group 6 (Bailey, Ben, Laurie, Matteo, Lily, Lucy, Nuala, Amy L, Thea and Carla)

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  1. This was lovely to read! How exciting for all the kids! I’ve been worrying about my Liliana but feel better for reading this. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog!!

  2. My, what an adventurous start to your stay. Sounds like you are having a great time. Be kind to your teachers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. What a fantastic blog! Really detailed which gives us a clear picture of your day and what you’ve been up to. Enjoy yourselves ๐Ÿ˜Š

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