Day three PM – Benmore blog

Beach Scramble/Gorge Walking

Zoe – “I enjoyed sliding down the big rocks as a big group. We all got soaking wet and it was great fun.”

Bonnie – “We went to the beach this morning. I enjoyed in the water and getting very cold and wet.”

Eva – “I enjoyed the beach, especially when we were floating on our backs.”

Lauren – “I loved the Gorge walking because we all got soaking wet and got to jump in lots of pools of water”.

Joe – “I liked doing the rock of Africa because you had to go under a rock wand there was only room for one person and the water was gushing down on my face and head.”

Andreas – “I had a great time Gorge walking and going through the keyhole. You had to put your feet to different places that you couldn’t see and your head goes through a small space and you have to push yourself up using the rocks.”

Charlie -“I enjoyed when we were trying to climb up the rock surface using only a rope to pull yourself up. If you slipped you fell right into a big pool of water.”

Rory – “I enjoyed when we were on the beach looking for mussels and the pearls inside them which came in lots of different sizes. Mhari our instructor found some and showed us them.”

Group 10 (Zoe, Bonnie, Eva, Lauren, Joe, Andreas, Charlie & Rory)

We hope you have enjoyed our Benmore blog and found it interesting. We look forward to telling you all about our adventures when we get home tomorrow! Now it’s Disco time!



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  1. Well done everyone for fantastically colourful, descriptive and interesting blogs. Can’t quite believe how much you have managed to pack in to your stay. Enjoy your party – you’ve certainly earned it!! I am sure all the parents/carers/guardians can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and hear soooo much more aboit it. Safe journey home.

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