ECO rep meeting April 2016

ECO Rep meeting Thursday 21st April

Welcome – Apologies – No absences

What has happened since our last meeting?

Composting is continuing in most classes. Mr Burgess is still to source a recycling bin for milk and drinks cartons in the lunch hall.

Litter issues

We went over the litter rota and revisited what a red, orange or green litter day might look like. Charlie said she felt that the playground was looking good just now with very little litter.

Younger children were not to be allowed to take litter pickers out, any ECO reps should report younger P1 & 2 pupils to PSA’s outside.


ECO reps to go over recycling procedures with their classes. Milk cartons must be empty with straws removed. Paper only in the paper bank. Paper must go into the bank and not be left lying on the ground. Clothes only to be placed in the clothes bank, some children have been placing half full milk cartons in the ragbag bank.

P3B ECO reps will make posters for their classroom to remind people to remove straws from their milk cartons. P3A remind their class daily about this. Food bins in P6 are not full and classes should be reminded about the importance of food recycling.


P3 and P7 have received seeds to sow wild flowers in their troughs. P2 classes have bought plants and planted these in their trough. Other classes are yet to plant vegetables, seeds or flowers in their troughs. Some thoughts to plant sunflowers and have a competition to grow the tallest Sunflower plant. Natasha felt that classes could work in groups to prepare the troughs whilst another group would sow the seeds. That way everyone is involved.


Bark still needs to be put down in the garden area. Charlie thought small groups from P6 could help at convenient times.

Martha suggested that she could bring in a flower pot for the front of the school from home.

Sam said he would make posters at home and put them up on lamp posts around his home to remind people not to litter.

Eliza suggested that ECO reps to speak at assembly to highlight issues discussed during the meeting.

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 12th May

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