Benmore 2017: Day 2 – Abseiling and Climbing

Today at Benmore, some of our pupils got the chance to take part in some abseiling and use the excellent indoor climbing wall. While some of the pupils were apprehensive beforehand, it was a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone, as can be seen in their reflections:

Freya – “I enjoyed having the freedom to choose how high I wanted to climb.”

Niamh – “I enjoyed that were no limits or expectations for how far we had to climb.”

Misha – “I enjoyed that I could choose whichever level of difficulty I wanted.”

Sean – “I enjoyed abseiling down the high quarry!”

Humza – “I enjoyed the freedom I had during abseiling and climbing.”

Nicholas – “I loved abseiling down the 50ft quarry and climbing up the steep indoor climbing wall.”

Fred – “I enjoyed the abseiling because I managed to overcome my fears.”

Liam – “I enjoyed abseiling and climbing because while I was nervous at the start, I felt good at the end.”

Kerry – “I enjoyed having a great first experience on a climbing wall and overcoming my fear to start with!”

Aaron – “I enjoyed being able to practice on the different climbing walls and improving my skills.”

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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