Adventurous Group 3

This morning Group 3 headed out into the hills. Here are some of their thoughts…

“I liked getting muddy and wet, because we wouldn’t get told off!” Zak

“I enjoyed going down the water drain that we used as a slide! I felt happy that I finally got muddy!” Nicole

“Normally I wouldn’t want to go for a walk up a mountain but I thought I should give it a go and it was good fun. I liked the environment!” Naomi

“I liked climbing over trees because I really like climbing trees. I also like all the mud!” Elaina

“I have enjoyed going in the forest because usually I wouldn’t go there for a walk. I enjoyed seeing the trees, leaves and rocks. One of the rocks was made of quartz.” Aryan

“I enjoyed the big walk today. My favorite bit was the water slide. I was a bit nervous but I loved it! I’m excited for this afternoon to do some kayaking!” Gabriela

“This morning I thought it walk was very fun, exciting. We saw lots of waterfalls. I thought the waterfalls  were amazing. We told each other some riddles and we explored dens that groups have made in the past.” Lloyde

“We went into the woods, we had to follow the string it led up to a dentist and we had to fight our way through thick bushes. It led to thick mud and Zak lost his boot in it! So we went through a slide and the water was freezing cold.” Lewis

“I found the walk very interesting because I got to experience different things. We got to climb up a waterfall and slide down a pipe. It was really fun! I’m excited to kayak this afternoon! I’ve never done it before!” Mackena

“I enjoyed going through the water tunnel because it was good experiencing something new. My highlight was solving tricky riddles set by Jamie. I’m looking forward to kayaking because I’ve never done it before and I like being in water” Aila-Noor

“Group 3 have been a pleasure to work with this morning so enthusiastic and keen. Can’t wait for kayaking!” Mr Burgess

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