Group 2 laughing all the way!

Today group 2 explored the forest and the Gorge. Here are some of their thoughts about the adventure.

“At the start of the gorge walk I felt really excited and dry. By the end of the walk I wanted to have a warm bath! The gorge was really thrilling but I wouldn’t want to do it again” Lola

“I went through the keyhole in the gorge walk. It was the trickiest thing there. I felt nervous at the start but it wasn’t that bad actually. I also succeeded in abseiling from the highest Cliff and I was really nervous but felt amazing afterwards”. Nina

“At the start I felt nervous because my friends told me it was scary and the abseil was tricky with bumps that made it harder but at the bottom I felt free! I would definitely do it again!” Kieran

“I was scared of abseiling the indoor walk was easy but the Cliff was much higher. It’s a straight wall so I felt more confident when I reached the bottom and I felt like doing it again!” Zahra

“I liked gorge walking alot it was quite difficult the rocks were Slippy but it was easy once you got past that and you could hold onto rocks. There were lots of challenges such as going under rocks and going through the keyhole. You climb under the rock and poke your head up and pulll yourself up through the gap between the Rock with water pouring overyou. At the top of the gorge you can slide down into a pool. I felt I achieved allo doing it by being independent. I wasn’t nervous I felt safe!” Maisie DJ

“I enjoyed going down slides on the gorge walk. I felt it was really fun because it was a natural slide made of a waterfall and it was a once in a lifetime chance to do it. I felt excited because I like water slides like the ones I do on holiday!” Lewis L

“My highlight was George walking. It was when there was a rope at the top of a waterfall and you had to hold onto the top and pulll yourself up. I liked the challenge there was no harness and although it was safe it felt quite dangerous.” Lorcan

“I really enjoyed the gorge walk because you had to find a path to walk up and when I finished the gorge walk I felt relieved in a good way and I also enjoyed kayaking because I felt in control of the boat. My favorite was kayaking I would definitely do it again and would love to have my own kayak!” Ewan

“I’m really proud that I climbed this week, I don’t like heights but I tried my best and conquered my fear! It was really wet and slippery and Rocky so you had to stretch to reach foot holds. I felt proud of myself for doing it and I would do it again.” Prince

“On the gorge walk I went under the some of Africa and the water comes through under the stone. I pushed my way through the gap, I felt good. I also liked kayaking and enjoyed swimming at the end. I would like to do it again!” Hannah Y

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