P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 21.01.19

The highlight of our week was Thursday, when we went on a trip to Dynamic Earth. The bus was late so we missed our workshop, but it was still an amazing trip because we got to do the tour instead. We went to the showdome and watched a show called ‘Super Volcanoes’.

In ukulele we played the song ‘500 Miles’. We sounded good but it was sad because that was our last week of ukulele.

To finish our topic on the Scottish Wars of Independence we created a timeline of all the events that happened during the wars.

It is Rabbie Burns Day on Friday, so we have been learning about lots to do with Scottish culture. We learnt about the art of Steven Brown and tried to make some pictures of our own, it was fun. We also learnt some Scots language, and sang the song ‘Call It Alba’ in assembly. On Friday we had a Burns supper with homemade shortbread in the dining hall – some people got to try haggis for the first time and we all enjoyed it! Sam then played Auld Lang Syne to us – well done Sam!

By Louise, Maria and Laia

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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