Car parking and Driving on Duddingston Road

On behalf of the safety of our pupils, it’s time to make an appeal once again! Duddingston Road has become increasingly busy in the morning and afternoon: so much so that it has become almost too dangerous for our pupils to cross (whatever their age!) Friday seems to be one of the worst days and our office staff are having increasingly irate conversations with our new neighbours.
All too often we see cars over driveways or longs queues of traffic to let those coming from the other direction past. This is due to the amount of people parking across from the school to drop their children off, rather than parking a bit further away and walking. While I appreciate the mornings are cold and it can often be a rush to get to school on time, I have to be honest and admit the situation on the road has become a significant concern to myself and our Parent Council.

Our Parent Council have contacted our local councillors to discuss the situation and what possible steps could be taken to alleviate the issue, such as painting the zig zag lines, parking wardens enforcing . In the meantime, there are a few things that could be done to ensure the safety of our children is a top priority.

Our P6 Junior Road Safety Officers would like you to try:
 Rather than parking on Duddingston Road park on a street further away and walk over (think of all those step counts!)
 Be a courteous driver: let children cross, let drivers through, and don’t get cross behind the wheel (this often results in people revving their engines and speeding away well above the 20mph limit).
 Please bear in mind that we do have children coming to school who are still very wary of busy places and people: keep the pathways clear, particularly around the entrance.
 Support our WOW campaign – walk, scoot, cycle to school at least once a week

Some of this advice also applies to car users on other areas around the school, it is becoming increasingly dangerous with children having to step out between parked cars just to check if it is okay to cross!

I am conscious of the fact that this has been discussed many times, both but will not apologise for putting the safety of our pupils first. I am sure you will all feel the same and ask for your care and consideration if using the roads around our school.

drive safe

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  1. There has been no improvement in the parking of parents cars on Duddingston Road. Only yesterday there were at least eight or nine cars parked on the zigzag lines outside the entrance to the school in spite of clear markings and new signage. Where are the traffic wardens and police when these cars continue to park outside the school. I am a resident of Duddingston Road and, I can honestly say that this school has destroyed Duddingston Road. I have to breathe in all the additional pollution created by selfish drivers ,arriving at the school gates at least half an hour before the school comes out and, leaving car engines on. The whole road is such a mess and needs to be sorted out by the council. Why oh why are the streets in Hamilton drive still marked as school streets. when the Hamilton Street were made into school streets. The problem was simply transferred onto Duddingston Road .
    I would like something to happen as a matter of urgency, as. a resident of Duddingston Road, I am finding the whole situation difficult to live with, not only do I have to suffer the traffic Monday to Friday but now in the early evenings and Saturdays when a “Soccer Academy” appears. They are displaying a huge banner advertising this academy, do they have planning permission to do so?
    Hacked off resident on Duddingston Road

    1. I’m sorry I have just discovered this comment Norma, the email that alerts me to comments has been marked as spam and sent to the junk email box. Myself and Mrs Kelly the HT are also concerned about the traffic situation on Duddingston road, we have discussed it several times at the Parent Council meetings, requested new painted lines outside the school, requested a movein bus stop away from the nursery, and also been in touch with sustrans regarding cycle paths and sustainable travel. The Parent Council and Mrs Kelly met with council official last week and they will hopefully help us make headaway with traffic issues. Mrs Kelly has also been outside before school and I have been outside after school and a traffic warden has been attending this past week or so. In addition Mrs Kelly has mentioned the traffic situation in the newsletter which is circulated to all our families. I have passed your concerns onto Mrs Kelly as well as a copy of my reply to you. Apologies for the delay in responding. Kind regards, Mark Burgess Depute Headteacher, St John’s RC Primary.

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